Most companies understand both the importance and the difficulty of raising their Google profile so that they appear on the first page of a search.  Small companies find this especially hard because they either have to spend serious money or invest a lot of time on social networking sites and many other ways to get their Internet branding to the forefront.

Providing merchant services is a very competitive business.  We compete directly with acquirer banks who have well known high street names and lots of cash to splash on improving their Google rankings.  Our starting ranking was on about page 56 and I think the last time we looked it had probably improved about 10 pages.

At this point we did start getting orders for our Verifone accessories and particularly charging cradles for portable and mobile terminals.  Orders and queries have come in both from the UK, from a number of countries in Europe, Canada, South Africa and Brazil.

We speculated on how our most recent customers had found us.  It was surprising and amusing to discover that the key words “Verifone Cradle” put us not only on the first page but also in number two spot – ranked just behind Verifone who is the main supplier.

The lesson, I believe, is that key words are critical and often not the most obvious words which will work best on Google.

To find out more about our fine range of  Ingenico and VeriFone accessories which complement our terminal products, please contact us on 01753 4800 38 or visit our website