A couple of years back, I was sitting in the waiting room of my local Optician waiting to get my eyes checked. The receptionist was struggling on the phone with a call to the bank that supplied their card machine. Being in the industry I was intrigued to hear the conversation.  The young lady was talking to the bank helpdesk on the Indian sub-continent. There was definitely a communication problem as the receptionist was struggling to follow what the helpdesk operator was asking. Eventually, the operator agreed to replace the machine next day. In the meantime, they would not be able to take card payments.

Later, when I came to pay for my appointment I asked her what was wrong. She said that the printer was not working and that it was making all the right noises but the receipt was blank. She added that it was working this morning. I asked if anyone had changed the paper roll in the terminal. She had. I suggested that she should look to see if the paper roll was put in the right way round. It was the wrong way and once corrected she took my card payment. Simple mistake with a simple fix! If the bank helpdesk had communicated the right questions they would have arrived hopefully at the same solution and save the hassle to both the customer and the cost of a terminal replacement.


The banking fraternity like many big service companies opted a number years ago to save money by sending their customer helpdesk support overseas. To many users, this has resulted in a waste of valuable customer time which for a business means money. Fortunately, complaints from a multitude of their customers meant that saving money was not enough reason to run what most would see as a second rate helpdesk. Customer service desks have increasingly been relocated back to the UK. However, some of the larger merchant service still use overseas customer service helpdesks.

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Ken Hansen