A Virtual Card Terminal is an online page where the merchant enters the card details in on an online web page. This is normally used by merchants who wish to take telephone card payments and the lesser used these days mail order payment. The same card payment could be completed by the merchant using the Card Not Present function on a normal card payment terminal.


There are a number of advantages of using a Virtual Card Terminal over a physical Card terminal;

  1. The online program is usually a web page which can be accessed on a PC, PAD device or Smartphone. This allows payments to be taken virtually anywhere.
  2. Whereas a physical card terminal can only be used by the merchant operator one at a time, the Online Virtual Card terminal can appear on multiple screens and can undertake a number of simultaneous transactions from multiple locations. Ideal for a call centre taking payments.
  3.   The physical card terminal will produce a printed customer receipt which needs to be sent (usually by post) to the customer. Most Virtual Terminals will allow entry of the customer email address. The receipt can be then be sent online saving postage and time.
  4. Virtual Terminals can be integrated into the Merchants stock and accounting system. This will decrease the chances errors in rekeying stock and transaction data.
  5. Depending on the situation a virtual terminal is ideal in an environment where there are no Face to Face customer card transactions. In this situation a physical terminal is not required and the cost is saved.

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